Latest Obsession: ZOODLES

I know I’m late to the zoodles (zucchini noodles) party, but better late than never. I got a spiralizer last Christmas and decided that 4 months was the right amount of time to wait before finally using it. I’m pretty basic, so I started with zucchini noodles, because they are pretty much the only thing I ever hear people mention when talking about spiralizing. Well, zucchini and potatoes, but my meal plan didn’t call for french fries…


Turns out zoodles live up to the hype and now I don’t ever want to make pasta again. I’ve only made one zoodles recipe, but it’s so good I may never branch out. It’s incredibly simple, (because I’m basic), and you can choose whether or not you want to get fancy with it. The key ingredient is a gem of a sauce from Trader Joes. If you don’t live near a TJ’s, my sincerest apologies. Because I pity you, I will also include a similar recipe so that you can still enjoy.




This dish feels seriously carby, without actually being “bad” for you. I love my carbs as much as the next girl, but I don’t like the tired, sluggish feeling that I usually get after I eat something carb heavy. Plus, I have a hard time digesting carbs and often have to take extra digestive enzymes to deal with it, so this is the perfect way for me to feel like I’m eating gobs of pasta without having to deal with the nasty, bloated, uncomfortable consequences.


If you’ve been looking for a way to eat less pasta or add more veggies to your diet, zoodles are the way to go.


2 medium zucchinis
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4-1/2 cup water
Optional: Salt


  1. Chop the ends off of both zucchini
  2. Spiralize the zucchini – tossing out the core/seeds as you go.
  3. Place 2 Tbsp olive oil in pan on stove on medium-low heat
  4. Add zoodles and cook for ~1 minute
  5. Add 1/4-1/2 cup water. Stir. Cook for an additional 7-10 minutes.
  6. When zoodles are soft, remove from stove and drain.
  7. Pat zoodles dry with paper towel to remove excess water. (Optional: Sprinkle with salt and let zoodles sit for 5-10 minutes to help absorb excess water.)
  8. Cover with sauce and enjoy!
  9. Optional: Add grilled chicken or serve on the side
Servings: 1-2


Note: Vegetable noodles will naturally be more watery than pasta, so make sure you pat them down to avoid a super watery sauce.


If you don’t have access to Trader Joe’s, try this copycat recipe from Shockingly Delicious!

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