Recipe: Caprese Chicken

You know those videos you see on Facebook that make cooking look easy and whatever food they are making look like the most amazing dish on earth? Well, that’s where this recipe is from.

This was inexpensive, easy, and SO tasty. I had it for lunch for a week and loved it every time, even warmed up in the microwave.  I’m not even a huge Caprese person but this was seriously so good. The trick is to use this glaze in addition to balsamic vinegar. As long as you like chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, garlic and balsamic, you will like this. Best part? It tastes like a cheat meal but it’s still healthy! My only complaint: This desperately needs a side. It’s very filling, but doesn’t feel like quite enough. Try serving with a side salad for more satisfaction.


4-6 chicken breasts, defrosted

Fresh mozzarella, sliced

Fresh or jarred basil

1 tsp crushed garlic cloves

Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar glaze (optional)

3-6 cups cherry tomatoes, sliced in halves

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper



  1. Coat pan in olive oil and add chicken, salt & pepper to taste
  2. Cook chicken 6 minutes on each side, or until thoroughly cooked
  3. Remove chicken from pan
  4. Add balsamic vinegar, glaze, garlic & basil to pan
  5. Toss cherry tomatoes in pan and cook for 3 minutes
  6. Add chicken to pan and top with fresh mozzarella
  7. Cook until mozzarella is melted
  8. Serve or portion for meal prep
  9. Enjoy!


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