Review: The Master’s Hammer & Chisel

The Master’s Hammer & Chisel is the best of both worlds. Two master trainers join together to form the perfect workout program that gives you incredible results in just 60 days. I committed two months to this program, even though it’s intermediate and I am NOT a weight lifting kind of girl, and I was able to do all the moves (sometimes with modifications). I was terrified of this program because I had never tried to build muscle before, and was used to eating less calories to lose weight, not more. Once I finished the program I realized that this whole building muscle lifting weights thing is the way to go. I still love my cardio, but they were not kidding when they said strong is the new skinny.

I would highly recommend this program to someone with minimal to no injuries who is looking to tone up and lose weight. If you have access to decent weights (10-30 pounds) you can rock this program! I used a combo of my office gym and gym membership to get these done, but you can do it all at home if you want to.

When I first started I was scared that I was eating too much and not lifting heavy enough weights, but when I got my biweekly body scan done, my body fat percentage had dropped 4% in just 2 weeks. After that, I trusted the program and followed it ~almost~ perfectly for the remaining 6 weeks. I was able to up my weights about half way through and I ended up losing about 12 pounds, while GAINING muscle mass. You can see the biggest difference in my stomach, but I felt huge differences in my back and legs, too. You work EVERYTHING with Hammer & Chisel, and you can tell!

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I’m jumping back into this program soon and am going to do it for more than 60 days – I’m actually shooting for 90 – 120! While I don’t think this is the easiest or most accessible program that Beachbody offers, I think it’s one of the most rewarding. Here’s my review:

Difficulty level: 4

Time Consuming: Yes

At Home Workout: No

Weight Loss: Yes

Muscle Building: Yes

I gave this a level 4 difficulty (out of 5) because some of these moves are hard to do even when you’re super fit. Some of the modifications were difficult for me even at the end of the program, and I think I’d have to do several rounds of this to be able to not modify the pull up/chin up moves, and a few others.

Since these workouts range from 30-45 minutes, this program isn’t a time saver like the 21 Day Fix or 22 Minute Hard Corps. On more than one occasion I felt like the workout was taking FOREVER and had a really hard time not checking the clock every few minutes. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, this may not be best for you!

Technically you can do this program at home, assuming you have or are willing to buy a certain amount of weights/equipment. To keep the cost down and help you get the best results, I don’t recommend doing this program at home. Heavier weights can get really pricey, and you’ll want to increase yours as you go, too. Plus you need a pull up bar and would benefit from a bench and a resistance band as well. I did these workouts in the gym and was really grateful for the space and equipment.

If you’re looking to lose weight AND/OR build muscle, this program can do BOTH. Half the workouts are “Chisel” which have more cardio, agility and balance moves as well as lighter weights with higher reps. The other half are “Hammer” workouts that focus more on heavier weights with fewer reps and really building up muscle, while chisel workouts define it.

I chose the build muscle meal plan which had me eating about 3,000 calories a day! At first it was miserable and I couldn’t eat everything I was supposed to, but after about a week I started feeling more hungry and was eating all my calories easily. I can’t even express how nice it was to never feel like I didn’t have enough food, and to never be hungry, which is how I sometimes felt on other programs. If you like to eat, you need to try this program and build muscle!!!

You can live stream these workouts from anywhere with Beachbody OnDemand, or get the most bang for your buck with a Hammer & Chisel challenge pack.

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