#WorkoutWednesday: Instagram Circuit

There’s 171,365,55 posts with #fitness on Instagram, and we all know an Instagram fitness star or two. Or 20. So I went through my “following” tab and grabbed some workout videos from a few #fitness accounts I follow to create a circuit workout!

Do each move in the circuit for 30 seconds and then repeat 2 times (3 times total). Leave no more than 30 seconds between rounds and no more than 10 seconds between moves. With breaks, this should take around 15 minutes. That’s it! Make sure you warm up first with some dynamic stretches and have water nearby.

Warm-up with some jumping jacks

Next, bust out some squat jumps!

Keep your legs burning with some forward and back lunges – 30 seconds each leg! (Just keep your foot on the floor if you don’t have a bench.)

Give your legs a break and do some tricep dips (buddy optional)

Try this full body move from Autumn with or without the resistance band (30 seconds each side!)

Challenge yourself with this isometric move from Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom

Lastly, work those biceps with alternating curls and hammer curls

If you don’t have weights you can use a resistance band or something heavy you have lying around…water bottles, soup cans, children, whatever.

Now repeat!

Featured image credit: Kayla Itsines

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