Baseball Workout: Train Like a World Series Champ

It’s officially baseball season! Baseball is my favorite sport because I can actually follow the game, and because who doesn’t like being at the ball park in summer with a beer and a Chicago style hot dog? But preparing for the beer and the helmet nachos and the cotton candy requires hard work. Here’s a baseball inspired workout to get you in the perfect shape to watch the Cubs beat the Dodgers 😉

Batter Up!

Mimic Kris Bryant’s home run swing with a squat and weighted twist.

Start in a squat position (except point your toes forward unlike me. Fitness modeling is hard.)


Then twist the weight to the side, working your abs, while keeping your feet and knees pointed forward. Twist 10 times on the right and 10 times on the left.


Catch a Fly Ball

These single arm jump squats will have you catching like Fowler (before he went to the Cardinals… 😡).

Start in a squat position…


Then jump up with one arm and catch that figurative fly ball! Do 10 reps with the other arm, 20 reps total.


Pitch a No Hitter

The best pitchers have a strong core and lots of balance. Get in shape with some single leg deadlifts.

Start in a semi accurate pitching position with weights at your shoulders and your knee at (what should be…) a 90 degree angle. Again, fitness modeling is hard. Please ignore my photographer’s shadow as well.


Next, extend forward and bring your bent leg behind you, keeping your back in a straight line. Do 10 reps on each side.


Get on Base

The sprint to first base is always the longest. Build your endurance with some back and forth sprints! 4 seconds in one direction and 4 seconds back. Repeat 4 times.

I blame the terrible sprints in the video below on my lack of proper shoes. But you probably know what a good sprint looks like, so just do that.


Slide Into Home

Practice scoring runs in style with some sit-throughs. Don’t let your booty touch the ground!

Start in this awesome and somewhat awkward position…


Then cross your right leg under and lift your left arm up.


Next, go back to the start position and cross your opposite leg over on the other side, lifting your opposite arm. Do 10 reps on each side, 20 reps total.

Field Some Grounders

If you want to get outs like Baez, you’ve got to be quick on your feet and get your glove down. Shuffle squats with a touch will make sure nothing gets passed you. Shuffle for 1 minute without stopping!

Start in a low squat and then shuffle three times to the right


End with a touch, then shuffle back on the left!


Repeat this circuit as many times as you want, with 30 seconds of rest in between, then go enjoy America’s favorite pastime and have a beer for me. Go Cubs go!

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