2017 by the Numbers (I ate HOW many Oreos?!)

Back in September when I realized there was only 100 days left in 2017, my first thought was “oh shit.” I had no idea what my New Year’s Resolutions even were at that point, and I started feeling like I definitely was not accomplishing any of the things I wanted to accomplish. I vowed to get to work on my goals in the last 100 days, and that motivation lasted me approximately two weeks.

With Christmas days away, I was writing a blog post about top workout excuses to help me get my own act together, and I decided to see how many blog posts I had managed to publish in 2017 (Literally Always Hungry’s first year in the world!). I was surprised by how many posts I had actually written in the past year and that got me thinking — what else had I accomplished in 2017 that I was neglecting to recognize because I was so caught up in what I DIDN’T do? So, I did one of my all-time favorite things: I made a list.


Look at all the Things I Did!

I …
  • Wrote and published 44 blog posts (which garnered over 11,000 views)
  • Created a new instagram account and grew it to over 200 followers
  • Baked and decorated 17 cakes
  • Made 2 dozen plant-based, gluten-free donuts, 1 dozen cupcakes, and 60 cake pops
  • Made 30 new friends (according to Facebook)
  • Ran 70+ miles
  • Took 16 plane rides
  • Visited 1 new country
  • Completed over 16 hours of programming courses
  • Tried 12 new Oreo flavors
  • Lost 15 pounds (and kept it off for 5+ months)
  • Read 17 Books:
    1. The Power of Habit
    2. Mindset
    3. How Not to Die
    4. Food: A Love Story
    5. Born a Crime: Tales from a South African Childhood
    6. Get Your Shit Together
    7. What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures
    8. Outliers
    9. The Slight Edge
    10. Triggers
    11. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
    12. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook
    13. Animal Farm
    14. 1984
    15. You Are a Badass at Making Money
    16. Hardwiring Happiness
    17. The 10X Rule

We beat ourselves up pretty hard at the end of the year while spending almost no time at all reflecting on what positive things we were able to do in that time. Before you set your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, take a minute to pat yourself on the back for what you accomplished this past year!

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